About Ryokubi Dojo

                   501(c)(3) Non-profit Organization

JKS New York & Connecticut

86 Prospect St

The Ryokubi Dojo, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization that specializes in teaching the best martial arts to the Fairfield County and NY Metropolitan area, since 1999. 

What separates us from other martial arts schools is the focus on building character and skill, not profits.  All fees go toward the maintenance and cost of running the school. 

We teach traditional Shotokan, Judo and Kobudo.  Our classes are designed to bring the very best out of each student, with personalized attention to detail.  This is NOT a “cookie-cutter” school!

Japan Karate Shoto Renmei


The legendary pioneer, the late Tetsuo Asai

Master Asai brought innovation and modern training to the art of Shotokan.  We are so fortunate to have his knowledge, skill, and philosophy passed down to us.  Our goal is to improve ourselves, physically, mentally, and spiritually with dedication that would make Master Asai proud.

Ryokubi Dojo, Inc. (JKS/NY&Conn.) has been an active member of JKS since 2012.   

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Master Masao Kagawa (9th Dan)
Chief Instructor of JKS

Kagawa Shihan is not only the most recognized name in the world of Karate, but he is the most successful.  He has personally won more tournaments than anyone in his field, and he has also brought Teikyo University to 5 Consecutive All-Japan Collegiate Championship wins, which is unprecedented at this time.   He has also coached Japan’s National Team, leading them to countless World Title victories.  What makes Kagawa Shihan, like Asai Shihan, is his focus on the Budo spirit of Karate, not just the sport.  Kagawa Shihan’s dedication to innovating Karate techniques and training methods can only be explained when one experiences it.

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